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UW Resources.

Sep. 21st, 2011 | 11:59 am

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Resources garnered around the net. To be updated
(Many can be found under MyUW, in the provided links.)

Amazon Student. Free for students with active/participating university email acounts. Amazon Prime benefits for six months, free 2-day shipping for six months. Time your sign up carefully to maximize the usage of the account with the time given.

Articles and Research Database. Find scholarly articles, journals, and resources.

Campus Maps. Helpful for locating buildings but classrooms area different story.
          > Mobility Route map. For public transit routes on campus.

Chemistry Lab FAQ. Pre-lab procedure and readings located at department courses' pages. Make sure to check before each lab.

HuskyJobs. Student job search options, aid, and opportunities. Frequently updated, with personal profile page for students.

Merit Scholarships, Fellowships, and Awards. Helps "undergraduates develop the skills and personal insights necessary to pursue scholarships appropriate to their goals." Provides information and advising aid for those seeking scholarships.  

Research Opportunities. Linked to from the MyUW Other Financial Aid section, the Office of Research provides a list of research studies for undergraduate and graduate students.

Subject and Course Guide. Library resources organized by subject and specific courses.

Uloop (University of Washington). College classifieds. A Craigslist for university students, organized by school.

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